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Before buying

As our new client,you may a little unclear about our order method.
Well don't worry,let us lead you in our queue.

Products Warranty

A.This grade we offer Longest quality assurance for one year. That is while the defective is caused naturally,avoid the artificial factor, we will change the good one for you instead.
This grade we offer you the 6 months guarantee,and same service as A grade!
This grade we offer you the 3 months guarantee,and same service as A grade!!

Round cable UL No.:E237884
Wireharness UL No.:E240427

Shipping Info

___For your different wants different consume, different weights and measures we provide the different shipping method for you. Generally in three ways, Expression,Cargo and Ocean Shipping.

__ Usually sampls and try order should be sent by Expression, such as UPS, Fedex,DHL etc.It is very in time,about 3-4 days.While you have an urgent needs,or the try order we suppose you use the cargo service.It is special, about 4-5days.
_By sea is the best way to save your cost.Thus it depend on lost some time,but it is deserved,especially the container.Delivery date is based on your

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