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___A powerful Taiwan Enterprise ,which was found in 2001. In the last two years we have made ourseves skilled in this connection field.Located in this Electronic World Tongguan we are collecting all the best components to serve your various requirements.Our main products include the computer cable,communicating cable,data cable,car cable.

___We would like to make good relationships,whatever business,partners,friends.Because we enjoy the league,believe comity must let us make fruits!
We have the wide partners cooperation arround
the world,Fujitsu-Siemens Apple Nvidia UCI U.S.A)
ATI Foxconn Lite-On.We have the good honour in both domestic and oversea.Here domestic we have a very good cooperation with the taiwan case,camera and other peripherals factory.

more about us...

___From here you can see our compact organization in our manufacturing area.
(space = 5400 m2) There are eight departments here runing according to the ISO system.Including more than four hundred employees.Monthly production capacity Appro. 100 million pieces separately,
Wireharness 5.22 million set
Round cable:8.0 milliion pcs

Automatic production make the high

efficiency high quality.Also to meet your urgent orders'schedule.In this workshop,moulding machine can suitable with the different products.

To cope with the large quantity order we are now is expanding our manufacturing area 5000 m2 more. Mainly increase devices total 75sets,gearing line 16 pcs.Staff would be more than 350,up to twice production rate.Accomplish total 800 person,production capability up to
___Wireharness 10million sets
___Round Cable 20million pcs
As estimate, it would be finished in Aug. this year.

Also precheck our future developing planning
___1.Quality System Upgrade
___2.RD system Setup
___3.production Integration
___4.Computerized Management
You can see a powerful and qualified factory is stepping towards the international standard.

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